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Andrew Pierce – Audiobook Narrator

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Audiobook Narration

Andrew Pierce Audiobook Narrator

Stories are essential to human understanding, and the spoken word tradition predates the written word by untold generations. Tales relayed by the human voice guided our ancestors in their impossible journeys across oceans and deserts. Ongoing sagas have reverberated in long dark nights around a warming fire, sun-graced temples, and boisterous taverns.

My role as an Audiobook Narrator is to bring the words from the printed page to the ear of the reader/listener and keep them engaged, whether conveying abstract ideas or complex characters, whether it be with pathos, humor, or skepticism.

Growing up in a family of avid readers introduced me to the embrace of books early on. A life’s career in media production introduced me to the work of the Narrator, and I learned from some of the best to develop timing, time management, and a producer’s ear.

When I can break out of the booth I like to ramble around my desert neighborhood with a camera and soak in the quiet natural beauty.

Let me help you launch your book into the audiosphere!

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The Escape
How Should a Christian Date?


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